Hit the “Hormone Reset” switch for dramatic weight loss! Discover how to tame your hormones and lose up to 20, 30, 50 pounds or more - FAST!

Coursing through your body—all day, every day—is a hunger hormone that can either make or break your ability to lose weight and keep it off.

The hormone is called ghrelin (GRELL-in). When you know how to manage it, it can help you lose weight AND improve your health in powerful ways.

Is TV Making You Fat? Hormone-taming solution, page 58 Is stress ruining your diet? Hormone-stabilizing solution, page 56 Does looking at food make you hungry? Hormone-resetting solution, page 55
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Left uncontrolled, you'll be forever at the mercy of pig-out cravings and frustrating plateaus—even when you're being "good" about what you eat.

Now, thanks to dozens of clinical research studies and the practical experience of registered dietitian and personal trainer Marjorie Nolan Cohn, you can see how to reset your hunger hormones at will and never again fall victim to their power.

In her landmark book, THE HORMONE-BALANCING DIET, Cohn reveals the simple secrets to success, which have been proven effective time and time again. This plan is especially good for couples working together and for those who have to eat out often!

Fill Up, Slim Down!

Load up your plate with beef, cheese, breads, pastas, eggs, and more—and still lose weight. The smart-eating secrets start on page 130.

Say Goodbye to Stress Hunger

Stressed out? Turn to page 21 right away! Research shows that your hunger hormones surge when you're under stress—and these powerful tools (including tasty hunger-stopping foods) can help you turn off your stress-eating switch.

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Power Up Your Energy and Endurance

Harness the power of quick and easy at-home nonaerobic exercise. It keeps your hunger hormones in balance and helps build fat-burning muscle and rev up your metabolism. Page 268

Feast on Hormone-Taming Superfoods

Champion hormone-balancing foods like lean beef, white fish, and Granny Smith apples help you lose weight without fighting hunger. You'll find them in all the meal plans and 60 satisfying recipes in THE HORMONE-BALANCING DIET. See page 82.

Trick Your Body out of a Weight Loss Plateau

Getting back into slim-down mode is as easy as mixing up your routine a little—like eating MORE hormone-balancing foods for a few days! See page 328 for more plateau-busting secrets.

A typical person following the plan described in The Hormone-Balancing Diet
can expect a safe and healthy weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week.

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